Motor Grader

Motor grader fmg170

Motor Grader is used to create a flat surface during the grading process. As a result of speed and ordinary wheel rather than crawler wheel. This influences engine grader as most reasonable machine for this kind of operations in regions where snow to rate is over the typical conditions. Position of edge is between the front and back hub & is most generally utilized for cutting, spreading and levelling of material. The hydraulics integrate extremely well with the latest New Motor grader control system for precision operation.


Engine make Cummins
Engine Model 6BTA5.9
Gross power 173 HP@2500rpm
Peak Torque 600 Nm @1500rpm
Number of cylinders 6
Aspiration Turbo Charged
Maximum Travel Speed Fwd 44.9 Km/hr
Maximum Travel Speed Reverse 30.55 Km/hr
Steering Configuration Full Hydraulic
Working Voltage 24 Volts
Working capacities 72 KN
Cutting Pressure 70 kN
Dimensions- Overall Length 8500 mm
Cabin Operations Yes
Easy of Maintenance Yes

 Buy motor grader for a variety of applications like: –
1. Moving of earth from one location to another.
2. Levelling of soil so that next bitumen layer spread uniformly, throughout the surface.
3. Mixing of two materials.
4. Spreading of soil, aggregates etc.
5. Land grading – The process in which a certain slope is achieved with the help of motor grader.
6. For cutting of bank canals.
7. Removing Snow, Trenching & Ditching

Reliable structures.
The arch section of the grader frame is made to withstand not only the number of forces, but the highest magnitude of forces as well.

173 hp and Cummins engine motor grader, Fine FMG170 Series features a rugged box section rear frame design. This frame is designed to carry heavy loads applied by the rear attachments. Adopting international thermoforming technology with “U”-box structure and strong anti-torque force, giving more durability to the front frame with longer life.

Operator Comfort – AC cabin for maximum comfort and all-round visibility and Promises Less operator fatigue.

Power train ZF transmission ensures smooth operations of the motor grader.

Ease of Maintenance.
1. Convenient and easy access to lubricating points filters, fluids and other service aspects.
2. Full hydraulic steering provides better operator control of the machine.
3. Proven After sales reliability and assurance by Fine network.